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Jacob Morgan, Best Selling Author of “The Future of Work ” Shares Insights on The 9 Skills and Mindsets to Lead in The Future Of Work

Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan, bestselling author of “The Future of Work ” shares insights on The 9 Skills and Mindsets to Lead in The Future Of Work The Future Leader: The 9 Skills and Mindsets to Lead in The Future Of Work Leadership is changing right before our eyes and the pandemic has only accelerated the transformation. […]

Jason Sosa, Expert on AI, Singularity, The Future of Work, Available to Speak in Asia

Jason Sosa

We at Speakers Connect are proud to announce that AI and singularity expert Jason Sosa is now available to speak in Asia! Jason is the Managing Director of Innovation and Ventures at Singapore-based Vertech Capital. He is an entrepreneur, international speaker and lecturer at Singularity University Global Summit. Watch the videos below to learn more about […]

Anders Sorman-Nilsson Interviewed on the Future of Work

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Futurist, Anders Sorman-Nilsson was interviewed recently by The Morning Show on the Future of Work. He shared his insights on what jobs will be replaced by technology, what new jobs will emerge, and what skills we should acquire so as not to become obsolete. Here is a clip of the interview from Anders’ facebook page: Anders […]

Client Testimonials for Emma Reynolds

Emma Reynolds

Emma Reynolds, our Hong Kong-based speaker specialised in The Future of Work, is beloved by our clients and audience. Read their testimonials… Emma, From one Queenslander to another, you were Gold! It is clear you know the presence you hold in a room and when you get on stage, that comes with expectations on what […]