Tom Koulopoulos New Keynote: Gigatrends: Seven Technology Trends Shaping The Future of Everything

Tom Koulopoulos

Tom KoulopoulosTom Koulopoulos’s newest keynote, based on his upcoming book, Gigatrends: Seven Technology Trends Shaping The Future of Everything, takes a hard look at the ways in which the metaverse will change how we do business and live our lives.

Gigatrends looks at the greatest technological shifts of the 21st century and lays out a roadmap to navigate the change, disruption, and opportunities they will create.

The book is scheduled for early 2023 but Tom has been working on metaverse research for the past 20 years. Tom’s powerful keynote delivery is authentic, engaging, and entertaining, but it also rests on a foundation of deep experience in building the future:

  • His company Delphi Group was one of the first to look at how virtual environments will shape business by working with companies as diverse as the Mayo Clinic, Intel, and the Stanford Research Institute to not only understand the implications of virtual worlds but to also build the knowledge base for some of the earliest solutions in the space.
  • In 2017 Tom’s research and investment firm, Acrovantage became an advisor and early investor in a Boston-based unicorn that competes with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in building the datacenters that will support the immense data requirements of the metaverse.
  • In 2020 Tom launched a metaverse products company that now holds several US patents on technology that provides virtual workers with tools to deliver more immersive and engaging experiences.

Tom brings all of that experience to his keynote, Gigatrends, covering a broad array of topics that are top of mind for today’s organizations. From the Metaverse to the emergence of Digital Workers, Frictionless Commerce to Blockchain, the Global Healthcare Crisis to Generation Alpha. Gigatrends sheds a bright light on the many unanticipated ways that technology will shape the future; making what are often confusing trends understandable and actionable. And all of this directly from a viewpoint directly the front lines of technology.

Tom KoulopoulosTom Koulopoulos is Chairman and founder of Delphi Group, a 30-year-old Boston-based think tank named one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc. Magazine, and the founding partner of Acrovantage Ventures, which invests in early-stage technology startups. He is also the author of 13 books, an columnist, the past Executive Director of the Babson College Center for Business Innovation, the past director of the Dell Innovation Lab, and a professor at Boston University.

His insights have received wide praise from luminaries such as the late Peter Drucker, the father of modern management; Dee Hock, founder of Visa International, and Tom Peters, who called his writing, “a brilliant vision of where we must take our enterprises to survive and thrive.” His Inc. column is read by over one million people yearly.

Mr. Koulopoulos’ thirteen books include his most recent, Reimagining Healthcare, The Bottomless Cloud, Revealing the Invisible, The Gen Z Effect, and Cloud Surfing. His upcoming book, Gigatrends, looks at the seven tech trends that are shaping the future of how we live, work, and play.

According to Tom’s mentor, Peter Drucker, Tom’s writing “makes you question not only the way you run your business but the way you run yourself.”

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