Andrew Senduk: Digital Transformation

Andrew Senduk

Andrew Senduk scaled his business from 0-400 people in 2 years, and there are many lessons. He has first hand experience on “The era of disruption” and he shares with organisations about it from a startup perspective.

Andrew‘s keynote on digital transformation will cover the following major areas:

• What does digital transformation mean?
• How can traditional companies be prepared for the digital wave?
• How to change a traditional DNA into a digital culture?
• The Importance of Digital Transformation to Business

Andrew SendukAndrew Senduk, is the  co-founder of Orami, South East Asia’s first women focused e-commerce platform, which employs over 400 people with offices in Thailand and Indonesia.

Andrew is a Dutch-born entrepreneur with Indonesian roots. His story is inspiring and shows both highs and lows of entrepreneurship and the key lessons on how to engage and spread leadership DNA throughout the millennial generation.

His ventures have been featured on Bloomberg, CBNC’s Squackbox, E27 and Jakarta Globe. In addition his knack for fashion landed him collaborations with brands like Berlutti, Christian Dior, Montblanc, Esquire, Mensfolio and Augustman.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Andrew is also a sought after keynote speaker and advisor to both startups and multinationals on digital transformation. He has lived and worked across 3 continents: the Netherlands, South Africa and Indonesia.

Andrew’s speaking topics include:

  • Leadership for millennials: Key lessons after growing a company from 0 to 400 employees in 2 years. How to build a leadership culture for generation Y?
  • Digital transformation: How can traditional businesses ride the digital wave and restructure its DNA?
  • Escaping the rat race: From the dealing room to the living room. An inspiring journey of entrepreneurship, which will cover the highs, the lows and pure persistency of stepping out of the comfort zone.
  • Lessons from the Avengers: Growth through mergers and acquisitions. How do businesses thrive and keep people inspired after going through organizational changes?

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