Avi Liran : Cultivating delightful organisational culture by nurturing delightful leaders

Avi Liran

Avi Liran ‘s keynote “Delivering Delight: Cultivating delightful organisational culture by nurturing delightful leaders” is all about how leaders can reignite delight and supercharge teamwork to to deliver DCX (Delightful Customer Experience) with consistency, enthusiasm, higher energy, engagement and performance.

Here are a few things the audience can expect to learn from Avi’s keynote:

  • How developing a delightful culture is one of the most effective ways to ignite intrinsic motivation, keep and attract best talent and uplift engagement
  • How combining focus on results with genuine care in developing your teams is a multiplier when it comes to motivation and engagement
  • How moving up the levels of delight, creates a memorable Delightful Employee Experience (DEX), DCX and raving customer advocacy
  • How to protect your culture by effectively managing difficult situations and bouncing back by igniting your Delight Operating System
  • How to recognize and appreciate people effectively
  • How to celebrate small wins & Have fun while delivering results

Watch the video below to learn more:

Avi Liran

Avi Liran is the creator and designer of the edutainment concepts of “Delivering Delight”, “Leading with Values & Purpose” and “JoyCare Leadership”. He has been researching the topics of delight and effective appreciation since 2006.

Avi believes that everyone in the world is or has the potential to become a “Chief Delighting Officer,” combining results with care and joy to create super engaged and top performing teams.

His interactive, refreshing and always entertaining talks and experiential programs focus on Positive Leadership, Values and Purpose to cultivate a Delightful Organizational Culture.

Avi helps leaders and managers transform and upgrade their culture to create a Delightful Employee Experience (DEX) that empowers employees to become super engaged and passionate to deliver an authentic Delightful Customer Experience (DCX).

Avi has shared his thought-provoking, inspiring, content-rich, interactive, entertaining, memorable and always delightful presentations to delighted audiences across in 18 countries (so far) in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East (including Australia, Bhutan, China, Estonia, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, The Maldives, The Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey)

Avi’s practical approach leverages on his diverse international experience in leadership and management positions in the corporate and the public sectors. He was a VP of marketing in two ICT companies. As a diplomat (Economic, Trade and Tourism Attaché for Southeast Asia) he initiated and negotiated formation of two bi-lateral R&D and VC funds. He worked with Singapore Telcom to invest in the first 9 startup companies.

With a delighted client list, including Dell-EMC, Lenovo, Credit Suisse, Marriott, MBS, Visa, Turkish Airlines, Accor Hotels, UOB bank, SingTel and many other top organisations, you are set for a delightful and transformational learning experience.

Avi‘s keynotes are:

  • Delivering Delight: Cultivating delightful organisational culture by nurturing delightful leaders
  • Delivering Delight Across Culture: Uplifting intercultural intelligence: connect with similarities and celebrate differences
  • Dare!: To Ask, To Fail, To Challenge

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