David McCaughan: Story Telling for Social Entrepreneurs to Engage Better

David McCaughan

In a recent interview, David McCaughan talked about his work as a story teller, and dive into how social entrepreneurs can engage better… be it through deploying a shock & awe tactic, or through a constant effort to tell the story of the organization.

Dave McCaughanDavid McCaughan is an advertising and marketing expert who has been working in strategy planning and communication campaign development for the last three decades as a part of McCann, one of the world’s largest advertising and communication companies.

Currently based in Bangkok, Dave continues to be a speaker and marketing commentator in Japan, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. His extensive experience in working in advertising has led him to be known as a thought leader in youth marketing and influence of media changes on the society.

Dave has talked at over 500 conferences globally and has been a regular columnist for journals like Advertising Age, Japan Close-Up, Mumbrella, Camoaign Asia and is about to start regular columns for Japan Consuming. He is a board member and contributor for ESOMAR’s Research World and leader of BIBLIOSEXUAL , a consultancy that brings together his long term passion for understanding the interaction of people and media with brands and stories.

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