Emcees and Moderators for Your Virtual Events

It is not easy to hold the attention of the audience when you are hosting a virtual event. Therefore it is particularly important that you have an experienced and charismatic emcee to energize the audience and tie everything together.

Here are our Asia-based emcees who know this region’s culture, and how to host an event professionally.

Lorraine Hahn: Renowned Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Lorraine Hahn

Angie Lau: Award-winning global journalist, Editor-in-Chief at Forkast.News

Angie Lau

Wei Du: Renowned Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Wei Du

Chloe Cho: Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Chloe Cho

Lisa Oake: Asia-based Journalist and Moderator

Lisa Oake

Ryan Mackey: Cultures Impact on Business

Ryan Mackey

Andrew Work: Emcee/ Live Auctioneer

Andrew Work

Case Everaert: Experienced moderator & communication coach

Case Everaert

Contact us if you would like to have any of these amazing emcees and moderators at your next virtual event.