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Dr Miles Price speaks about bio-hacking and understanding your health

Dr Miles Price

Dr Miles Price, one of a handful of functional medicine trained professionals in Asia, specializes and advocates for the use of natural approaches to chronic diseases and providing solutions to optimize health. Dr Price has done numerous presentations on health and optimal vitality to the general public and to banking and legal corporations across Asia. […]

Shannon Miller, the most decorated Olympic gymnast in American history, joins Speakers Connect

Shannon Miller

We at Speakers Connect, are proud to present Shannon Miller, the most decorated Olympic gymnast in American history and the only female athlete to be inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame–twice! “Dare to try. Put yourself out there. Put one foot in front of the next.” -Shannon Miller Take a look at the video […]

Marcel Daane: 9 Brain-Aging Sins That Kill Your Performance

Marcel Daane

It is Marcel Daane‘s personal mission to raise a deeper level of awareness that organizational success is dependent on the collective mental fitness of every stake-holder within the organization. He spends much of his free time researching and creating content that will help drive home that message. He believes that one of the greatest challenges […]

Bay McLaughlin: The Future of Health

Bay McLaughlin

Bay McLaughlin spoke about the future of health at the Startup Launchpad 2017. In his keynote Bay discussed how health really works and what you can do today to live a happy and healthier life. Take a look at his keynote below: Bay McLaughlin, called BetaBay because of his passion for testing new technologies and […]

Ray Hammond Speaks About Digital Health for the Pharma Industry

Ray Hammond stressed in his recent keynote the role that digital health technology would have on the development and trials of new drugs – and in healthcare in general. The future of medicine and healthcare is patient-centric. Ray Hammond Ray Hammond is Europe’s most experienced, most successful and most widely published futurologist. For over 30 […]