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Prof Sattar Bawany Published “Leadership in Disruptive Times” In Response to COVID-19 Challenges

Professor Sattar Bawany

Prof Sattar Bawany published “Leadership in Disruptive Times”, which examined the fundamental qualities of disruptive leadership that would distinguish successful leaders as they guide their organizations through the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the digital transformation at the workplace. It explores the transformation of organizations in today’s highly disruptive, increasingly VUCA and the digital-driven […]

New Keynote Leading in a VUCA World by Prof Sattar Bawany

Prof Sattar Bawany

Prof Sattar Bawany has a new keynote on leading in a VUCA world. Prof Bawany shared a little bit on this topic in a magazine article. Here’s a bit of what he said: The rapidly evolving demands of the 21st century include everything from climate change to demography, shifting customer requirements and expectations, the rise of […]