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John Izzo: The Purpose Revolution

John Izzo

John Izzo, bestselling author, researcher and keynote speaker shares his views on “The Purpose Revolution” — the radical desire for work to be more than money, for our buying, employment and loyalty to align with the desire for meaning and social good. The Purpose Revolution is a unique series that is all about the emergence of a […]

New Keynote of John Wood – Purpose: The New Competitive Advantage

Motivational speaker John Wood has just launched his new keynote: Purpose: The New Competitive Advantage. John Wood didn’t set out to change the world. He set out to take a vacation. But a trip to Nepal turned into a book drive, which turned into Room to Read, one of the fastest growing and most acclaimed […]

Joseph Baladi: Branding for Financial Services

Joseph Baladi examines the hurdles financial services face for their brand building – and the keyword is “Purpose”. A lot of people argue that whilst it is all good and fine to have a reason to exist (the generic definition of purpose) most, if not all, customers are ultimately more interested in results – that […]

David Lim, Asia’s Top Motivational Speaker: Why We Do What We Do?

David Lim, Asia’s top motivational speaker, inspired his audience with his speech on the importance of knowing the purpose of what we are doing. David Lim David Lim is best known for leading the landmark 1st Singapore Everest Expedition in 1998 (as well as the second in 2001). Partially disabled from a devastating rare nerve […]