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Business Model Generation

Creativity & Innovation

Author of The Corporate Startup & Innovation Accounting

CEO of Founders Space and author of Make Elephants Fly

Two-time Grammy award winning musician

The End of Procrastination

Maximise Your Memory For Peak Performance

Founder of Timeless

Award-winning Film Director and Designer of Experiences

WE are smarter than ME – innovation and leadership the with power of collective intelligence

How to Lead a Quest

Paralympic Gold Medalist, Artist, Motivational Speaker

Innovation and Strategy

Creativity, Collaboration, Leadership

Creativity and Innovation

Robotics & The Future of Education

Impact Neuroscientist

CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.

Branding and Creativity

Creativity, Collaboration and Cirque du Soleil

Conducting Success

Innovation, Technology, Space

Around the World in a Solar Airplane!

Humandroid Robot Celebrity

Business Philosopher with the Attitude of a Rock Star

Innovation Architect

Innovation Thought Leader

Former World Chess Champion