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Leading Asian Motivational Speaker

Creativity & Innovation

Maximise Your Memory For Peak Performance

Founder of World Toilet Organization

BBC World News News Anchor

How Large Organizations Can Work With Startups?

IoT & Digital Transformation

Thrive Through Change

Being Top of Mind with Next-Generation Talents

Motivational speaker, athlete and renowned fine artist

Sales and Personal Branding

AI, Singularity, The Future of Work

Transformational Leadership

Branding and Creativity

Technology & Trends

Asia-based Journalist and Moderator

Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Humanising the workplace

Former Head of Fintech at DBS

Two-time Olympian turned successful finance professional

The Art of Career Navigation

Singapore-based emcee

Sales Optimisation

Asia Luxury Branding

Asia Motivational Speaker

Mobility, Digital & Innovation

Strategy Implementation