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The Power of Human Connection

Leadership for an Asian Century

Human Connection Expert

Personal branding, leadership and communications

International TV Host and Journalist

British record-breaking adventurer

BBC World News News Anchor

Award-winning global journalist, Editor-in-Chief at Forkast.News

Renowned Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Renowned Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

World Class Entertainer, MC and Motivational Speaker

'Evolving our Human Relations' speaker and author; veteran news anchor

Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Workplace Communication Expert

The Magic of Thinking Differently

Author of Activate the Third Space and Taming the Mouse, Experienced emcee & moderator

China-based serial tech entrepreneur

Singapore-based emcee

Asia-based Journalist and Moderator

Sustainability Thought Leader

Economist / Bilingual Moderator in Global Finance and Economics

Emcee / Live Auctioneer

Sustainability Storytelling

Experienced moderator & communication coach

Asia’s Next Top Model Co-host & Judge

The most famous foreigner in China

Sought After Professional Emcee

Voyages of Discovery

Experienced Moderator / Cultures Impact on Business Success

Asia supply chain & logistics

Renowned Asian Emcee cum Entertainer