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Engage David Simpson, Team Building Asia Co-founder, to Inspire Your Team on the Business Benefits of Gamification

David Simpson

David Simpson, Psychological Health Clinician and Team Building Asia co-founder is now available to inspire your team on the business benefits of gamification! Gamification is most frequently used in teaching as it uses the most current research in Behaviourism and learning sciences. However it has also been used in the corporate sphere to break up […]

Popular Presentations of Dr Adam Fraser

Dr Adam Fraser

Dr Adam Fraser is one of the most lauded speakers because of his ability to weave research facts into easily understandable and applicable tools for daily living—both for individuals and organizations. Check out Adam‘s showreel and list of presentations below: Dr Adam Fraser’s most popular presentations are: 1. The Third Space: Developing behavioural agility Would you like […]

Philip Hesketh on the psychology of persuasion and influence

Philip Hesketh

Philip Hesketh is a multiple award-winning professional speaker on the psychology of persuasion and influence. Philip is passionate about helping people improve their relationship skills in order to increase their sales and do better at the workplace. Philip Hesketh’s talks on persuasion and influence cover the important secrets to excellent customer service, how to develop relationships and […]

John Shackleton: Inspire Your Team to Achieve Their Best

It shows that the approach used by international sports coaches to inspire their athletes is much more appropriate in today’s business environment than the traditional business coaching model.

…Most managers find this approach difficult to follow because the traditional manager/subordinate structure suggests that they are supposed to be the expert and therefore they should be training their staff in what to do.