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Ken Hughes: New Shopper Behaviour Presentations (II) – Shopper Marketing

Ken Hughes, Europe’s leading Consumer and Shopper Behaviouralist, introduces his new shopper behaviour presentation: Shopper Marketing. The 3 key learnings: Why Shopper Centricity is no longer a choice for consumer goods organisations but an ethos to embrace How Shopper Marketing finally delivers the win-win that Category Management and Trade Marketing never did What pitfalls await […]

New Speaking Topics of Retail Expert Ken Hughes

Are you curious about the new speaking topics of retail expert Ken Hughes? The Digital Native Advance: A New DNA for Shoppers, Experiential Retail: The Need for Positive Disruption, We’re All a Bit Crazy: Harnessing Shopper Irrationality, Shopper Marketing & Shopper Centricity… The Digital Native Advance: A New DNA for Shoppers Too often the focus […]